Orpan Insight - Rare Disease Expertise

Rare Disease Expertise

Orphan Insight Ltd was established with a very simple objective in mind – to support the development and successful commercialisation of innovative therapies for the treatment of rare diseases where significant unmet clinical need exists.

With a passion for patient-centric approaches, stakeholder engagement and unrivalled understanding of the commissioning landscape, the mission of Orphan Insight is to deliver focused advice and practical solutions to maximise the successful introduction and uptake of orphan and ‘ultra-orphan’ medicines. This will help to ensure that patients living with rare diseases have access to the therapies they need – where and when they need them.

  • Over 30 years’ Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology industry experience
  • 15 years’ working specifically in the Rare Disease arena
  • Extensive knowledge of Biotech ‘Start-up’ requirements
  • Thorough understanding of the Stakeholder landscape
  • Expertise built through experience, networking and practical ‘hands on’ delivery

“Variability is the law of life, and as no two faces are the same, so no two bodies are alike, and no two individuals react alike and behave alike under the abnormal conditions which we know as disease.” – William Osler 

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